‘Pirates of the Caribbean': A Swashbuckling Good Time
June 26, 2006

It was a red carpet that rivaled the Academy Awards, except that the world premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" was filled with bandanas and Mickey ears.

"Pirates" star Johnny Depp spent the evening making sure the red carpet was the happiest place on Earth for his fans.

Our Carlos Diaz joked with Mr. Depp, "There are 15,000 fans here, and you've signed 13,000 autographs, so not a bad ratio." "I've still got a ways to go then," Johnny replied.

The only person who could upstage Johnny was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

But were the fans there because of the sexiness of Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp? Each sex symbol gave the credit to their co-star.

"I'll put my money on Orlando," Johnny said, while Orlando proclaimed, "Johnny! Johnny!"

"Pirates" director Gore Verbinski just couldn't decide who's more appealing. "Well, I've made out with both," he laughed. "And really, it's a toss up."

So, Carlos went straight to the authority to get the answer: Keira Knightley. "I don't have to choose," she said. "They're both really sexy. And they're both really good kissers!"

Depp revealed to "Extra" that as soon as the party's over, it's back to work as Captain Jack for next summer's "Pirates of the Caribbean 3."

"The idea of saying good-bye to Captain Jack is not what I'm looking forward to," he admitted. "I'm sure he'll crop up every now and again, at least at home."


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