Johnny Depp Sets Sail for a Swashbuckling Good Time
June 23, 2006

The biggest blockbuster of the summer is about to set sail, and the most entertaining "Pirate of the Caribbean" has got some new tricks up his sleeve.

"Extra's" Carlos Diaz sat down with the ever-cordial Johnny Depp to discuss his Rolling Stone idol, how he keeps his family grounded and why Captain Jack is even more unique in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."

In the sequel, you may find Captain Jack slightly more heroic this time around. "You're never quite sure why he's doing something," Depp hinted. "He's always thinking a bit; think ahead of the curve. You're not quite sure what his motivation is."

Johnny also revealed his kids were quite excited about bringing Captain Jack back aboard the big screen. "They were excited," he said. "They came on the set, but they're sort of like, ‘Oh yeah, there's Dad. What's next? What time does ‘Power Rangers' come on TV?"

Depp added that even though he and Vanessa Paradis and their two children are spending more and more time in the states, they still prefer their life away from Hollywood in France. "We live in the country," he revealed. "Everything is very, very simple and very basic. And normal, which is important."

Speaking of relationships, Depp revealed he'll soon be shooting scenes with Captain Jack's on-screen dad, Rolling Stone rocker Keith Richards, who inspired Johnny's "Pirates" persona.

"I'm more than confident that Keith is going to arrive and blow us all off the screen," Johnny promised.


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