Love Is In the Air at ‘Superman Returns' Premiere
June 22, 2006

It was "Superman's" biggest night, and from the candid moments to the night's super couples, only "Extra's" had every angle covered!

Clark Kent is looking for love in "Superman Returns," but in real life, Brandon Routh has found amour with his girlfriend of two and a half years, Courtney Ford.

Meanwhile, Kate Bosworth gave a little sugar to her real-life "Superman," Orlando Bloom at the after party.

Former "Superman" Dean Cain made an appearance on the red carpet, as did super fans Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.

And just one night after helping the Miami Heat win the NBA title, Shaquille O'Neal was among the first to preview the new Man of Steel. "I'm going to celebrate being the first athlete to watch this movie," Shaq said before correcting himself. "Well actually, second athlete. Tony Parker's the first!"

The red-carpet super moments continued as Kate Bosworth caught a first glimpse of her sexy new layout in Interview magazine. "This one's very kind of dumb blonde, which I love," she said of one photo.

"Superman's" very own Mr. Mean, played by Kevin Spacey, was also on hand for the super-powered night.

Since the entire cast was there, it was only fitting for the cast to play the "Extra" "Superman" trivia challenge!

The first question was for Brandon Routh: is it true or false that Steven Spielberg was offered to direct the original "Superman"? "I think it was too early for him; false." Wrong! Thank goodness his leading lady was on hand, as she answered true. We asked Kevin Spacey who was offered the role of "Superman" before Christopher Reeve? "I'm going to guess Richard Gere," he said. Wrong! The correct answer is John Wayne's son, Patrick Wayne.

As for the new Man of Steel, we had to ask how he's staying grounded despite all the media hype. "There's a lot of attention and a lot of pressure that's there," Brandon admitted. "You sort of go, ‘Okay, I know that's there,' and you know, continue on."


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