‘Cruise' Through Japan, Strike a Pose and Sing!
June 22, 2005

Mega movie star Tom Cruise set off fan frenzy in Japan. People went wild for the handsome hunk when he got on board a bullet train to Osaka. Some fans were even reduced to tears for this "Top" guy.

It's all part of his promotional "Mission: Impossible III" tour. Moviegoers just can't get enough of Cruise, and it looked like the feeling was mutual as Tom told his fans, "One more group shot!"

Meanwhile, the ESPN sportscaster studs, including Kenny Mayne and Chris Berman, had a real ball when they modeled Coolmax Fashions for the latest issue of GQ.

Nobody was more surprised they'd end up in a men's fashion magazine than "SportsCenter," as they joked they never imagined anyone would come knocking on their door.

While the sports boys got all prepped up, a group of musically enchanted ladies were striking a pose!

Only "Extra" got a first look at the hot Grammy winners getting together for their soul idols in the July issue of InStyle magazine, which features today's hot artists paired with their musical inspirations.

Mary J. Blige chose Chaka Khan, Faith Hill teamed up with Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera picked Etta James. "I was a bundle of nerves before meeting her today, so it's a very special moment for me," Aguilera confessed.



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