The Country's Most Random Acts Unite in 'America's Got Talent'
June 20, 2006

Meet the stars of the new star search circus, "America's Got Talent."

Regis is the "Ryan," Brandy is "Randy" and David Hasselhoff is… well, he's the Hoff. "Big Hasselhoff is unpredictable," Regis said.

The third judge is none other than British tabloid newspaper editor, Piers Morgan, who Regis calls, "Our Simon Cowell," dubing him, "Brutally honest."

But Piers was quick to point out, "I'm better looking than Simon Cowell."

Piers may prove to be as tart-tongued as his boss, Simon Cowell, who created "America's Got Talent," but is the "Baywatch stud really comparable to the lovable Paula?

Our Tanika Ray sat down with David and said, "Regis is saying Brandy is the Randy, and you're the Paula."

Hasselhoff's response? "Who's Regis for God's sake? I'm going to go through life now being called 'The Paula!' No, I think Brandy's the one that's more like Paula; Brandy's very gracious to everybody."

David also told "Extra" that the hardest part of judging "America's Got Talent" is determining if great singing is better than great finger snapping or unbelievable horn-playing. So how does he compare such a broad range of talents?

"I don't really know," he admitted. "It's whatever wows the audience, whatever has longevity and who puts the hardest work in."

Piers told "Extra" that as much as America loves amateur singers, "This is not 'American Idol.' I think you'll find there will still be singers in the final, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if a non-singer wins this competition."

Catch the two-hour premiere of "America's Got Talent," Wednesday night on NBC.


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