Tom Cruise Readies for another Major 'Mission'
June 20, 2006

New dad Tom Cruise is on the move once again, this time in Japan!

Tom made his trademark grand entrance, racing into the "M I:3" Tokyo premiere on a speedboat. After he jumped ashore, Tom ran down the red carpet and once again proved he's still the world's biggest superstar.

The proud new papa came right to "Extra" with an update on his new baby girl. "Suri's doing beautifully," he revealed. "She's sleeping through the night. Very happy little girl."

Cruise jumped on his jet after spending Father's Day with Katie and 2-month-old Suri, who didn't make the 12-hour trek to Tokyo.

But Tom did break news to "Extra:" his trip down the aisle with Katie will happen before 2007. "We haven't set a date yet," he admitted, adding, "Soon. It'll be this year."

Tom's third "Mission" has racked up $334 million worldwide at the box office, catapulting Tom to the top of Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Meanwhile, Tom's leading lady, Katie, looks like a million bucks just weeks after giving birth. So what's her secret? "She really hasn't done anything," Tom said. "She's just been feeding Suri. You know, with children, with three kids, they keep you very active." But from the sound of it, the most powerful celebrity in the world isn't content with just three kids. "I'm hoping maybe I have 10 children someday," he admitted.


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