Hollywood's Newest Heirs Spoil Their Daddies with Love
June 16, 2006

The next generation of Hollywood royalty is here, and these famous newborns are celebrating their first Father's Day with their proud new papas.

"It's like the greatest buzz having your little baby in your hands," comedian Jack Black admitted.

And "Extra's" breaking name news! "We're going to go with Samuel," Black confided. "That's where we're at right now. We could last second switcheroo though. We haven't written it in yet."

Family man Tom Cruise is getting all set for Baby Suri's first Father's Day. "It's powerful because how much I love Kate," he said.

Meanwhile, just weeks before "Ocean's 13" begins shooting, Daddy Brad Pitt obviously has a brand new distraction.

But he's not the only one needing "Ocean's" day care.

"I'm excited for all of my friends who are having kids," Matt Damon told "Extra," who recently shifted gears from supportive friend to one of the gang when he and wife, Luciana, welcomed baby daughter Isabella last week.

Baby Isabella is a possible playmate for Indiana August, the son of co-star Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix, and Casey calls fatherhood "fantastic."

Casey is also a new uncle. Big brother Ben's first Father's Day comes just six months after wife Jennifer Garner gave birth to Violet Ann.

At less than a month old, little Kingston James might need some help from mom Gwen Stefani buying a gift for his rocker-papa Gavin Rossdale.

Looks like Hollywood's next generation is already busy making their daddies proud!


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