How the Stars are Saving the World off the Big Screen
June 15, 2006

"Extra" was with the always stunning Teri Hatcher in Beverly Hills Wednesday for the Aviva Family and Children Services Triumph of the Spirit Gala.

Teri, who recently revealed her own history of abuse, has supported the organization, which helps troubled kids, for nearly a decade. "They really mean something to me," she revealed.

But Teri told us, she wouldn't be parting with any hair extensions here like she did last week at a London fundraiser.

Over on the east coast, Cher took on Capitol Hill to demand lawmakers upgrade helmets for troops in Iraq.

Thursday on C-Span, the legendary singer said she's already kicked in more than $130,000 to the cause.

Another celebrity on a mission to make a difference is Daryl Hannah, who went on the record with "Extra" about her "Arresting Development."

"I just committed myself to doing whatever I could," she revealed.

The actress-activist spent three weeks in a walnut tree protesting the sale of a small farm in South Central Los Angeles.

Hannah told our Jerry Penacoli it was an emotional experience. "I'm getting vaclempt," she said. "If you met these farmers and their children, you would fall in love with them."

Finally, it was a night of over-the-top style when our Tanika Ray hosted the Tulips and Pansies Gala in the Big Apple.

The benefit, featuring floral headdresses, raised money for Village Cure of New York, helping people living with HIV and AIDS.


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