Ken Paves: Hollywood's Hottest Hair Guru
June 14, 2006

Jessica Simpson is at the top of Hollywood's "best tressed" list, and her secret is stylist Ken Paves.

What started as a client-clientele friendship nearly a decade ago has blossomed into a tremendously strong bond and friendship.

"After 8 years, we're incredibly great friends," Paves revealed to "Extra's" Dayna Devon.

As we chatted with the man in the middle of the action, we found out that Paves is not only the hottest stylist, he's also incredibly humble, remembering the early days in Miami when he was moonlighting strippers' hair.

" I made a lot of money," he admitted. "And started eating again."

Ken also revealed his roots in hair are definitely home grown, as he explained his nickname "Ogilvy Home Perm."

"My mom, in order to save money, would perm her own hair," he explained. "One day she was like, ‘Honey, you should have a perm too.' And the next morning, my mom and I had the exact same hair style."

"I got on the bus and everybody starting laughing," he continued. "'Ogilvy home perm, Ogilvy home perm.'"

But Ken's luck changed when a record label paired him with a new singer named Jessica Simpson.

Now, the Paves playbook has two more Jessica's -- Alba and Biel, among an impressive Hollywood client list including Eva Longoria, Brittany Murphy and Avril Lavigne.

So what's Ken's all-time favorite that he's created? "My favorite look that I've created of all time is actually the 2003 Video Music Awards for Jessica," he said. "It was just after ‘The Newlyweds' had started, and she and I both wanted to make a statement."

"She was wearing this beautiful Armani white suit with a plunging neckline, and I put a short wig on her -- very Marilyn Monroe," he revealed.

At the recent ALMA Awards, Ken gave Eva Longoria nearly a dozen different looks for one night. "Eva is definitely my brown-haired muse," he said. "She's the only client I've ever sought after."

Paves also said it was Jessica's clout that took them all the way to Congress for Operation Smile, which provides surgeries for disfigured children around the world.

The charity is intensely personal for Ken, whose young nephew died after he was born with severe birth defects. "At 17 years old, I was holding this still baby who was no longer with us, and I begged him to open his eyes, and I begged God to tell my why," Paves recalled. "And God did tell me at that moment that my nephew would serve a far greater purpose in this world."

When Ken and Jessica decided on a line of hair extensions, they teamed with a wig manufacturer that helps chemo patients.

And while Ken may have given Ms. Simpson her golden glow, the stylist told us that she already had a heart of gold. "I love that about her," he said. "It's the same sensibility that you have. You don't take all of this that serious. We're not curing cancer or doing any of these things-- but we can help."

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