Britney Spears Cracks Under Pressure
June 12, 2006

From the rumors about her marriage to the tabloid attacks, Britney Spears is proclaiming enough is enough.

"You have to realize that we're people," Britney said.

The pop princess broke down as she opened up to Matt Lauer in a "Dateline NBC" exclusive, which airs Thursday, talking about motherhood, marriage and the daunting wolf pack of paparazzi.

"You could possibly never realize you could love something that much," Mommy Spears said of Sean Preston.

Spears also said the never-ending reports her marriage to K-Fed has crashed and burned are completely untrue. "None of that's true," she said.

Brit told Matt that Kevin is giving her support too. "He helps me. He has to," she said. "I'm an emotional wreck right now."

"I think 90 percent of the world would agree that the tabloids have kind of gone a little far with me lately," Britney added.

Spears also broke her silence about the firestorm over her famous baby bobble in New York, touting, "Accidents happen."

As for driving with Baby Sean in her lap, Britney said, "I can't go anywhere without someone judging me. I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I'd drive. We're country."

The country will hear more from Britney, this Thursday on NBC.


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