Formally Introducing Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
June 8, 2006

Twelve-day-old Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt is making her big premiere!

"The baby has Angelina Jolie's lips, she has blue eyes and fair hair like Brad," said People magazine's Jess Cagle, who helped land the exclusive first photos. "She's a great combination of the two."

But before we get the dish on Baby Shiloh, Brad and Angie's lips did all the talking in Namibia, as they thanked the country for their gracious welcome.

So, how did the hottest couple alive decide to nest in the South African country in the first place? "When we found out we were pregnant, and thinking about where we would want to go, we felt we wanted to find a place, a beautiful place, that our other children would enjoy," Angelina revealed.

Brad added, " We'd just like to thank the people of Namibia. They've been so gracious to us and made our stay here very special. And because of that, we've had an incredible time with our family."

The pictures, which will appear in this week's People magazine, were shot at Brad and Angelina's luxurious Namibian hotel on June 3. Proud daddy Brad was even captured in a touching shot, as he cradled his daughter Shiloh.

But the big question remains: how much did these intimate pictures really cost?

"The photos were not $4.1 million," Cagle admitted. "They were a lot of money, and all the money is going to charity."

In fact, "Extra" has learned that during her highly guarded pregnancy, Angelina managed to sneak in a TV charity plea for the upcoming World Refugee Day.

In the PSA, Angelina says, "Please help to keep their hope alive."

But what about the children Angie personally rescued herself, Zahara and Maddox? Cagle told us that 4-year-old Maddox is already mad about Shiloh. "Maddox has been running around impersonating the way Brad, or as he likes to call him ‘Brad Dad,' holds the little baby."

People magazine also reports that Angelina's brother, James Haven, was so overcome by the first glimpse at Shiloh in his sister's arms that he had to leave the room.

And "Extra" has breaking Brangelina news. sources told us that Brad, Angie and family are expected back home in Los Angeles this weekend.

Cleaning crews and delivery trucks have been swarming Brad's $9 million Malibu mansion. Managing Editor Harvey Levin broke the news. "They're putting the finishing touches on this elaborate security system," he revealed. "And the tennis court has been tented and turned into a giant playroom."

Stay tuned to "Extra" as we continue to update you on all the latest Brangelina baby news!

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