Jennifer Lopez Confronts Baby Rumors Head On
June 7, 2006

Glamorous Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a rare public appearance with husband Marc Anthony Tuesday for the Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards.

"Extra" caught one of the Hollywood's most private couples sharing some tender moments. And a candid J Lo opened up to our Jerry Penacoli about those bountiful baby rumors.

"You know, adopting children obviously is a wonderful thing," Lopez said. "And you know, I'd love to have children one day too. But, all those rumors are not true."

On the red carpet, Jennifer and Marc looked happier than ever after celebrating their second wedding anniversary with some much needed R&R. "We just were in the sun by ourselves," she revealed. "We hardly ever are by ourselves, just relaxing."

Jennifer had more to celebrate Tuesday night, as she was honored with the Women in Film Crystal Award for her contributions to the big screen.

Lopez came close to tears as she accepted her award and thanked her husband. "I love you," she said, "And I want to say thank you for being there for me."

Normally shy Marc Anthony was so proud of his wife that he took out a full-page ad in Tuesday's Variety magazine. "It's very uncharacteristic of him because he's very private," J Lo told "Extra." "I know that this was a big deal for him to do."

"I'm not one to profess my love publicly, but I'm warming up little by little," Anthony admitted.

Miss Lopez also addressed rumors she'll be starring in the big screen "Dallas" remake -- so will she play Sue Ellen Ewing? "It's not set yet, but it's something I'm definitely considering," she said.

Also on hand for the festivities was Jennifer's good friend, Leah Remini, who was there to show her support. So, do the famous friends ever feel they are in competition with one another? "There's no competition," Remini told us. "But I do look at her and go ‘You're so pretty that I want to punch you!'"

Hottie "Housewife" Felicity Huffman and blushing bride-to-be Marcia Cross also came out for the celebration.

Cross revealed why she's most excited about get married. "We don't live together right now, so I look forward to having him at home every night," she said.

Meanwhile, honoree Geena Davis broke this news to "Extra": "I refuse to step down."

So, will we see the cancelled "Commander in Chief" back on the airwaves? "As a TV movie, it's possible," she confessed.


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