Jon Voight Reaches Out to Daughter, Angelina Jolie
June 6, 2006

The world's most famous new parents, Brad and Angelina, are rumored to be headed back to the states in two weeks, which makes Angelina's dad, Jon Voight, a glowing grandpa.

"Extra" sat down with the star, who told our Tanika Ray there are a lot of well wishes awaiting the superstar couple and the world's most famous newborn. Voight told us, "I'm walking down the street and people say, ‘Congratulations on Shiloh!'"

"It's so sweet," he added. "It's a wonderful feeling. I'm very excited for them. I wish them all the happiness in the world, you know. My love is with them always."

While his daughter is making headlines around the world, back in the U.S., Voight has a new production of his own.

He revealed he spent days in a fat suit to turn into a 400-pound chocoholic in his wild new murder mystery, "The Legend of Simon Conjurer."

While Jon's costume simply consisted of zipping up a fat suit, his makeup took an astounding five hours every day!

But it was all worth it, as Voight revealed the new film is, "A very inventive piece; a fun ride."

Until then, he's looking forward to a fun ride off screen with his new granddaughter.


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