Hollywood's Sexy and Single Mingle at MTV Movie Awards
June 5, 2006

The blue carpet at this year's MTV Movie Awards was once again loaded with Hollywood's sexiest stars. And most of them were flying solo, like Ms. Jessica Simpson.

Looking hotter than ever, Jessica revealed she relies on her trusty bodyguards to keep the prying men away. "I have the good ones," she told "Extra's" Jon Kelley. "They're all hidden in the plants with the earpieces."

Jessica may be single, but she told us she's certainly not a desperate diva! "To be honest with you, it's not like I hand out my phone number," she said.

And while we had the red-hot Simpson's attention, we felt compelled to ask her if the rumors are true: will she star in the big screen version of "Dallas?" "Yeah, I'm on board," Jessica revealed.

As for "Baywatch" the movie, Jess denied any involvement. "I saw that rumor, and I said ‘What is that about?'" she said. "I've never even heard about it."

Also on hand for the MTV Movie Awards was screen siren Kate Beckinsale, who did a little rumor control of her own. Is it true she will she be the next "Wonder Woman?"

"I'm sadly not," Kate revealed. "I think I've embarrassed my daughter enough. I think the whole underpants and bracelets thing might be pushing the envelope a bit too far."

New man of steel Brandon Routh brought girlfriend Courtney Ford, but other super studs arrived alone, including sexy singer Justin Timberlake, who joked about the whereabouts of his real-life leading lady Cameron Diaz. "If you see her, let me know," he joked. "I can't get her to call me."

A dateless Jim Carrey was accompanied by a legion of angels as he accepted the MTV Generation Award. His rumored girlfriend Jenny McCarthy was nowhere in sight.

When we asked the funnyman about his red-hot romance, he dished, "I really can't answer that question, but I am seeing somebody who's very cool."

Colin Farrell made his first public appearance since a stint in rehab with "Miami Vice" partner in crime, Jamie Foxx, to present the award for best fight. And Eva Mendes proved to "Extra," she's a lover -- not a fighter, as she presented the Best Kiss Award.

"These lips can kiss," Eva teased. "I'm not a cocky girl, but I'm definitely a great kisser."

Everyone's favorite "40-Year Old Virgin" made on of his first appearances after hurting himself on the set of his new comedy "Evan Almighty." But the funnyman said he didn't even wince. "I twisted my ankle, it's really no big deal. They shot me up on elephant tranquilizers and I'm fine," he said.

Steve kept the punches rolling as he stormed the stage to accept his win for best comedic performance, thanking those who touched him most including, "Katie Couric, for giving me 15 years of sunshiny mornings."

The crowd went wild for "The Lake House" co-stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, and new funnyman in town, Dane Cook, felt the love from the fans too. "This is insane tonight," he told "Extra."

And before the show, sultry host Jessica Alba admitted she was ready to flex her funny bone with the entire world watching: "It's my favorite thing in the world," she admitted, adding, "I haven't been able to do comedy ever, really."

See Jessica in action as the MTV Movie Awards come to a living room near year this Thursday on MTV.


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