Hollywood's New Anti-Aging Weapon Revealed
June 2, 2006

From Melanie Griffith and Patricia Heaton to Sharon Osbourne and Joan Rivers, Hollywood is famous for getting nipped and tucked.

But if you're considering a date with a doctor, think about this revolutionary face lift with a twist first. The new procedure will leave you looking years younger with almost no recovery time.

"This is the same facelift that most plastic surgeons are doing now and have done for decades with minor modifications," revealed the ground-breaking doctor, Dr. Zachary Gerut, who developed this inventive new procedure called the Rapid Recovery Gerut Lift.

"I'm able to get my patients back to their normal activity in about two or three days," he promised, thanks to special surgical instruments that diminish recover time.

Recovery from face lifts usually takes weeks. So how does Dr. Gerut do it? We found out first hand, with 54-year-old patient Karen, who revealed, "I had a facelift nine years ago under general anesthetics."

Today, Karen is having her second lift. And this time, she'll be awake during the entire surgery. "It's incredulous, I just can't comprehend it," she revealed.

But there is no pain! Dr. Gerut told "Extra" having no general anesthesia is one reason you'll bounce back on your feet faster.

Part of his secret is plumping up the face with a specialized anesthetic fluid.

Our cameras went into the operating room with Karen, and we even talked to her during the procedure. "I'm feeling good," she assured us.

Only three days after the procedure, the results were undeniable. "I'm very pleased," Karen revealed. "I cannot believe how quickly I've recovered."


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