'The View's' Meredith Vieira Gets a Whole New 'Today'
June 1, 2006

Starting in September, life will offer a whole new "View" for Meredith Vieira.

The morning talk show veteran is anxiously, and nervously, anticipating her September start date at the number one ranked morning show in the country.

"I always think I'm going to be discovered, like, 'Oh, she was a fraud,'" Vieira revealed. "That's part of what fuels me, because when you are afraid you work a little harder."

But some TV insiders are wondering if Meredith can fill Katie Couric's legendary shoes.

Thanks to a little advice from the veteran "Today" star, Meredith is trying to forget about the immense standards. However, she revealed that it was the intense pressure of her new job that allowed her and Katie to recently bond.

"We were joking about it," Meredith said. "She said, 'Is everybody telling you all the pressure you're going to be under?' I said, 'Yeah,' and she said, 'Me too. Aren't you sick of it?' 'A little bit.'"

But ready or not, Meredith is about to embark on a new journey, and she revealed to "Extra" she's looking forward to working with Matt Lauer, who she met on a blind date while she was considering the job.

"I met Matt at his apartment, he was by himself, family was out of town," she said. "I knew I liked him instantly because he had on jeans and I had on jeans; we liked each other a lot."

As for the colleagues she is leaving behind at "The View," they will be roasting Meredith on the show next week.

Meredith also revealed her "View" co-stars' reactions to her leaving. "Something like, 'You b****. We made you, and we can destroy you!" she joked.

But on a more serious note, Meredith said she received the blessing of her boss Barbara Walters. "Barbara Walters said to me after, 'You never asked me, but had you, I would have told you to go,'" she confessed. "She felt this is one you gotta do."

Now the burning question for Meredith remains: will she wear underwear after she famously confessed on air that she doesn't?

"What do you think the answer would be?" she asked. "But Matt will be wearing my underwear, which I think is an interesting way to do the show."


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