How to Get Suddenly Slimmer for Summer!
June 30, 2005

Summer is here and it seems like everyone's trying to trim down. And with that in mind, "Extra" has revealed a secret to losing inches fast in today's Star Beauty Secrets.

Disco diva Gloria Gaynor says she felt suddenly thinner after trying an amazing body wrap called Suddenly Slimmer. "Some slacks I had, they were a little tight around the thighs, fit a little nicer," she said. "I felt lighter and more toned."

Affi Naim, owner of Suddenly Slimmer, says it's the perfect quick fix before a red carpet event. "Suddenly Slimmer guarantees you'll lose six to 20 inches overall," he revealed.

Carolina Bacardi, heiress to the famed Bacardi fortune, hopes to lose a few inches around her hips, thighs and "old, Cuban booty." First she's covered from the neck down in Ace bandages, which were soaked in a special mineral solution that's supposed to get rid of toxins.

Then Carolina jumps onto the elliptical trainer to keep her blood circulating, and then she gets drenched in the solution one last time. "I feel like they're putting the icing on the cake," she said.

But the real icing on the cake comes 45 minutes later when the bandages are removed, and Bacardi realized she had lost more than 13 inches. "That's amazing," she said. "In 45 minutes, I lost 13 inches."

Now that's something to sing about!


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