Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' Ride
June 29, 2005

With "War of the Worlds" finally landing in theaters, superstar director Steven Spielberg told "Extra's" Jon Kelley to buckle up because he's about to take fans on another magical movie ride -- Spielberg style.

And as "War of the Worlds" star Tom Cruise said of Spielberg, who is the most commercially successful filmmaker in Hollywood history, "Nobody does it better."

"It's like he's Babe Ruth," Cruise added. "Steven is just like, 'bam,' and it's gone."

With 21 films in the director's chair and $3 billion at the box office, Spielberg admitted, "I'm pretty happy right now."

But with all the blockbusters, does any one film have more meaning to Spielberg than the rest? "Well, they all mean so much to me," he responded. "Not just blockbusters, but all the movies. You know 'Terminal' means just as much to me as 'War of the Worlds.'"

And was it true that as a kid movies scared the hell out of him?

"Movies still scare the hell out of me," Spielberg laughed. "If you make a really scary movie I react just like my neighbors."

And Steven revealed that "War of the Worlds" first got rolling with an idea for a heart-stopping ride. "Well, I worked to make the movie for a long time," he told us. "But my experience for working out the story for this was a theme park ride many years ago."

And now you can experience that wild "War of the Worlds" ride in theaters everywhere.

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