Kiefer and Jude's Musical Collaboration
June 27, 2005

It's a musical partnership that only Hollywood could put together: film and TV star Kiefer Sutherland and rocker/ producer Jude Cole.

The hit-making musician and acclaimed actor have turned their friendship and shared passion for music into their own music label, called Ironworks. "We started Ironworks to be about real artists," Cole explained.

"We started to notice a lot of fantastic musicians and fantastic artists who were not getting signed," added Sutherland.

So the pair built a recording studio from the ground up and pooled their talents. "He is a phenomenal musician and record producer," Sutherland told us. "He takes care of the creative end of the company."

"I do all the work," Cole joked.

"And I actually built the studio and acquired the building that we put the studio in," Sutherland added.

"So it's really a tag-team effort," Cole said.

And as a team, Jude and Kiefer started signing artists like Rocco DeLuca. "He is going to be the first artist that we have solely on our own label," Sutherland explained.

"This is right for me because Ironworks is personally involved in it," DeLuca insisted. "Emotionally, their passion is amazing."

Ironworks also added another young artist named Ry Cuming from Australia to their label. "When I first found out that they really wanted to do the album I was ecstatic," Cuming said. "I walked in and I met Jude, and I played for him actually here in the room. Jude and Kiefer, their music is their life. It's a part of their lives."

"I also manage a band called Lifehouse," Cole explained. "They have their third record out right now with a single called 'You & Me.'"

And while these longtime pals confess the gig may be more fun than work, they want Ironworks to be taken seriously. "This is not for fun in the sense that it's a lark and we'll all get up and play," Sutherland insisted. "This is very serious."

But with Kiefer's collection of Gibson guitars lining the wall, well, sometimes even he can't help himself. Cole revealed, "He will pick up a guitar and start playing something foolish and his eyes kind of wander and his mouth opens, and I'll go, 'Kiefer!'"

"When I was a teenager, the only way I could fall asleep was to pretend I was in the band and was playing whatever song that was coming over the airwaves," Sutherland admitted. "And trust me, in my dreams I was fantastic."

"We laugh about it all the time," Cole added. "He will come in and say, 'All right, so I'm ready to do the record,' and I consequently tell him, 'I am ready to do that extra role on 24.'"

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