Depp's Wild Wonka Ride
June 27, 2005

Johnny Depp is smiling gold in the Bahamas, where the superstar is shooting the second and third "Pirates of the Caribbean" films back to back. And Depp revealed some tricks of the trade, only to "Extra."

"They are sort of bonded," he said of his golden teeth. "They're hot glued onto my teeth."

But before fans glimpse Depp in "Pirates," they'll see Hollywood's leading man as the ultimate candy man in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," playing Willy Wonka in the Gene Wilder classic.

"I have not spoken to Gene Wilder, but I must say he was absolutely brilliant as Wonka," Depp admitted. "I loved everything he has ever done."

But this two-time Oscar nominee has a secret -- he hasn't even seen "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" yet because, as he revealed, "I'm always scared. I never really enjoyed watching myself on screen."

Depp says he's also nervous to take his two young children (with partner, Vanessa Paradis) to see the movie since the Depp kids are hooked on the original. "They might be the harshest critics," he predicted. "My kids might come out of the thing and go, You completely missed it dad.'"

"I'll never forget when they came on the set the first time to visit me, and I was all decked in the Wonka gear," Depp recalled. "They stopped and looked at me for almost three minutes. It was like, I know that's dad, but he looks completely weird.'"

So just how much of himself does Depp see in his children, Rose and Jack?

"Oh, a lot; it's amazing when you see yourself in your children," Depp admitted. "It's very, very strange. There's no ride like it."

And Johnny is going take moviegoers on another magical ride when "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" hits theaters, July 15th.

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