Artist Lee Clarke Paints Outside the Box
June 24, 2005

Intriguing, seductive and unusual are just three words evoked by the paintings of emerging artist Lee Clarke. And from galleries in New York to Los Angeles, the thought-provoking artwork of the 33-year-old Canadian import is creating excitement.

"What I try to make is something that is approachable on different levels," Clarke explained.

But Clarke, who has done work for celebrity art collectors, is the first to admit that modern and abstract art can be intimidating to the inexperienced eye. "Contemporary art, I don't know if it's more accessible," he said. "I think it's still sort of this game of the elite in some ways."

But this is something Clarke is trying to change. The inspiration behind one of his modern masterpieces is a photograph. "The most recent body of work is sort of candid snapshots from random sources -- family e-mails to video footage," he revealed.

Lee puts brush to canvas, applies his creative flair and a family photo is transformed into a gallery-worthy work of art. "This is a painting, a work in progress," he showed us. "It's of my nephew, an image sent through the e-mail, again a candid photograph."

Now, through his new website,, patrons can purchase existing pieces from his collection or commission one of their own.

"I want the painting once it's in someone's house to have a life. As you live with it, you'll discover different things about it,'" Clarke told us.

And perhaps, if Lee has his way, fans will gain a respect and appreciation for art along the way.

Lee Clarke's official site
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