Fans and Stars Unite for 'War of the Worlds' Premiere
June 23, 2005

It was like a scene from his own movie, as screaming fans mobbed Tom Cruise once again at Thursday night's New York premiere of "War of the Worlds." And per usual, the big-screen hero didn't disappoint his fans, gallantly sweeping fianc»e Katie Holmes off her feet and getting down on a bended knee for co-star Dakota Fanning.

The tireless Tom had just come from an interview with David Letterman on Thursday night's "Late Show," and he was still laughing about Dave's attempt to get him and Katie to tie the knot on air. "He's always fun," Cruise enthused. "He had a judge there for Katie and me. The classic Letterman framing: the guy in the green room just waiting to marry us."

"Kate was getting ready," Tom laughed. "She was at the hotel, saying, 'You've got to tell me these things beforehand.'"

Meanwhile, Cruise signed countless autographs at his premiere, and the superstar admitted, "You can tell this hand has been living, you know? Calluses, scars, broken fingers, knuckles; these hands live."

"That's from 'Minority Report,'" he showed us. "I put my hands in glass. These hands tell some stories, man."

Also at the premiere was legendary director Steven Spielberg, who told "Extra" a story of his own about getting a car from Tom -- and reciprocating with a motorcycle. "Tom gave me a really cheery gift, which I've been driving for the last 14 weeks," he revealed. "It's sort of like the car in the movie."

And to pay back his dear friend, Spielberg gave Cruise a motorcycle, of which Steven said, "I just want him to be safe."

Other famous faces at Thursday night's premiere included "War of the Worlds" co-star Tim Robbins with love Susan Sarandon and family, Howard Stern and girlfriend Beth Ostrosky and The Donald and Melania.

But the rest of America will have to wait until "War of the Worlds" opens next week.

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