Katie and Tom's Fourth of July Wedding?
June 23, 2005

He's been to every corner of the planet on his "War of the Worlds" tour -- now Tom Cruise is coming to "Extra!" And even after shaking a million hands, Tom stopped to greet every member of our crew.

And what meeting with Tom is complete without a spotting of his new fianc»e Katie Holmes, sporting her diamond ring?

But first things first, what does Tom think of "War of the Worlds?"

Tom Cruise: When I saw the film I called Steven afterward, I forgot I was in the movie.

Jon Kelley: I know you just got engaged, have you put your mind around when a wedding could happen?

TC: You know what, we haven't. It was just that experience, and now when, and kind of planning it. It will be fun doing it.

JK: Any truth to a possible Fourth of July wedding?

TC: No, I don't have time. We're in pre-production. Man, I've got "M:I 3." We start shooting in Rome July 18th. I've got to get this body built for some impact. But you never know what's going to happen.

JK: You're not making any promises?

TC: I'm not making any promises.

JK: Do you want to do something big, or do you want to keep a low profile?

TC: I don't know; I really haven't even thought about it. I have to talk to Katie and see.

JK: That's a smart move right there.

There's no word yet on a best man, but you can bet Steven Spielberg, biker buddy Jay Leno and "Collateral" co-star Jamie Foxx will all be there.

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