What Comes After Destiny's Child?
June 22, 2005

It's your last chance to make a date with destiny! The super group Destiny's Child is going their separate ways, but the lovely and talented ladies are definitely going out on top -- and in style.

"We are not breaking up," Kelly insisted. "We are simply taking a little break from Destiny's Child for a long time."

"We're not breaking up," added Beyoncé. "We're growing up."

Destiny's Child is touring the U.S. this summer, then, they'll move on from the act they started when they were nine years old. But Beyoncé is already brainstorming projects they could do together down the road.

"What about a Destiny's Child Broadway show?" she suggested. "We should do like, 'Sparkle,' on Broadway or something."

And don't even bother asking Beyoncé about the constant wedding rumors that are swirling about her and her man, Jay-Z. "Well, I'll tell you what," Kelly revealed. "None of them are true!"

"Just because I love to sing and love to perform does not mean that every part of my life, everyone has a right to know," Beyoncé added.

They look and sound as great as ever, and after this summer, it will definitely be "Destiny Fulfilled."

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