DiCaprio Receives Stitches after Bash in the Head
June 20, 2005

Superstar Leo DiCaprio was involved in what's become a real-life Hollywood mystery this weekend. Why did a woman attack the leading man early Friday morning?

DiCaprio was at a party when a mystery woman hit him over the head with a bottle. Albert Kim of People magazine reported that the woman was actually looking for her ex, not Leo. After the attack, the star was driven to the hospital by friends, where he got a dozen stitches to close up a nasty gash on his head.

"She had been thrown out of the party, so she was technically a trespasser," Kim said. "But she managed to get back in, so when Leo and his friends were leaving, she confronted him and hit him across the head with a bottle."

"Currently, [DiCaprio] is shooting 'The Departed' with Martin Scorsese in New York," Kim continued. "Producers say it won't hold up production at all."

Meanwhile, "Extra" has learned that the lavish Hollywood Hills home, where DiCaprio was attacked, has a colorful history of its own. The $3.4 million palace is owned by Rick Solomon, Paris Hilton's infamous co-star on the sex tape, "One Night in Paris."

Solomon gave the TV show "Celebrity Justice" a tour of his home, which features a pool and breathtaking views. But on Friday night, it was certainly the wrong place to be for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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