Tom and Katie: The Engaging Details
June 17, 2005

Six little words from Tom Cruise rocked the world, Friday: "I proposed to Katie last night."

And Miss Holmes' response? "She said 'yes,'" Cruise confirmed to "Extra."

With that one sentence, the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes whirlwind romance went to a whole new level. We were with Hollywood's brightest star, in the most romantic place on earth, for an unprecedented insider's angle on the romance. "This is an amazing time," Tom told us.

The place: Paris. The time: the early hours of Friday morning. Tom popped the question to his lady love at the Eiffel Tower. No word yet on the exact size of the ring, but let's just say it's just what you'd expect from the world's biggest star.

And even though he's known to be a true and traditional romantic, Tom did not ask Katie's parents first. "I just went straight there," he admitted. "Her parents are very happy."

There were well wishes all around for the happy couple, including from Tom's "War of the Worlds" co-star Dakota Fanning. "I wish them the happiest marriage anyone has ever had," Fanning said.

And after Friday morning's huge announcement, it was all aboard the Cruise express for Marseille, and only "Extra" sat in first class with Tom, who was going off of no sleep as he signed autographs and talked on the phone with fans.

Later, from train to boat and beyond, Tom and Katie kept beaming as they took in the screening of "War of the Worlds."

In fact, the day was reminiscent of their first day in Rome, where "Extra" showed Cruise the Seventeen magazine article in which Katie talked about her childhood man and revealed, "I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

"Well, I don't want to disappoint her," Cruise insisted to us then.

Well, he certainly didn't -- so what's next? A date? A ceremony? Maybe a few little Cruises?

"We'll just have to wait and see," Tom laughed.

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