Best Foot Forward
June 17, 2005

Women and shoes -- it's a match made in heaven! And to complete this love story, "Extra" teamed up with Meghan Cleary, a.k.a. Miss Meghan, author of the shoe lover's bible, "The Perfect Fit."

Our Tanika Ray hit Manhattan's Christian Louboutin Boutique with Meghan to study up on their shoe obsession and explore their inner foot fetish. "My belief is that shoes reveal a woman's state of mind," Cleary said.

So what about Tanika's pick? "A little furry, a little gold fleck with a clear sparkly heel. What does it say about me?"

"You're an adventurer," Meghan observed.

"I am," Tanika confirmed.

As for gorgeous Gwen Stefani and her 5-inch leopard-print heelÖ "It's for when you really want to take the sex up a notch," was Meghan's take.

Meanwhile, for the debut of her Sweetface line, Jennifer Lopez worked the runway in shiny stilettos, and for all you high-heel lovers. "She looked hot," Cleary declared.

And for all you stiletto lovers, don't fear the height, you can be both cute and comfortable. "One very smart thing is buy a half-size larger," Cleary recommended.

We all know any time is a good time to shoe shop, but is there a perfect point in the day? Yes -- according to Meghan it's best at sunset. "At the end of the day your feet are a little more swollen, they're a little bigger," she explained. "They're sort of the real test of how your feet are going to do."

Thanks Meghan! Your advice is sure to keep us on our toes.

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