How Hilary Found 'The Perfect Man'
June 16, 2005

She plays matchmaker for her on-screen mom Heather Locklear in her new romantic comedy, "The Perfect Man," but when teen queen Hilary Duff sat down with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli, it wasn't love that was on her mind as she went ballistic about those pesky paparazzi.

"My sister and I've had, like, twelve cars following us before," Hilary revealed. "They run red lights, run stop signs; they'll cut people off if you're trying to get away from them."

"We've gone to the police station before because we didn't want people to know where we lived," Duff continued. "We were like, 'These people are following us,' and they were like, 'You chose to be famous.' That's what they said to us. They wouldn't help us. It was so crazy."

But back on the side of the heart, Hilary did have love to share: it seems she's actually fallen in love, and she revealed it first, only to "Extra."

Yes, the rumors are true: Hilary admitted she is currently dating Good Charlotte front man Joel Madden. And it turns out that Hilary's mother is actually the one who first spilled the beans on Madden. "She did a photo shoot," Duff revealed. "She said something about it. It was like, 'Oh my gosh.' But he's a cool guy. He's a really good person."

In fact, Joel and his brother, Benji, wrote and produced three of the songs on Duff's upcoming new album. "They're my favorite songs I've ever done before," Duff admitted.

So it sounds like Hilary has finally found "The Perfect Man" of her own! And you can check out her new movie when it hits theaters Friday.

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