'Batman' Takes on New, Edgier Persona
June 15, 2005

Cool new gadgets, a rockin' new ride and fresh blood in the bat suit -- as "Batman" star Christian Bale put it, "It's definitely got a whole new life to it."

Bale, the super-intense leading man from "American Psycho" and "The Machinist," told us he's giving Gotham's caped crusader a dark makeover for the summer's prequel, "Batman Begins."

"He's driven by rage, by fear and anger," Bale said of his character. "And his whole dilemma throughout is to channel those negative energies into something good."

Co-stars Katie Holmes and Michael Caine believe Bale brings a new, edgier energy to the "Batman" role. "He's such a professional," Holmes said. "And I loved the relationship between Bruce and Rachel."

"Christian brought tremendous reality to it," Caine added.

So as he jumped into the bat suit, was it more empowering or uncomfortable for Bale?

"Initially, absolutely empowering," Christian said. "As the day goes on you're sweating and you got a headache, but I really refused to complain about it and become a whining kind of sissy actor. I'm playing Batman, you know? It's nothing a couple of Tylenol aren't going to fix. At the end of the day having this splitting headache helps with getting the focused rage that Batman really needed."



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