The Secret to Stallone's 'Sly Moves'
June 14, 2005

Just three weeks shy of his 59th birthday, Sylvester Stallone is still as spry as when he burst onto the big screen as Rocky nearly 30 years ago. And now, the famed action-adventure hero has revealed the secret of his apparent eternal youth in a new book called "Sly Moves," which details a personal workout regimen that takes an hour and a half a day, three days a week.

"I guarantee if you just put in that one percent a day, you'll get it back one thousand percent ten years later," Stallone insisted.

Sly's shape-up routine includes 20 minutes of cardio and an hour of weight training with moves like "the Rambo pull down." "There is no such thing as just working on one part of your body," he told us. "It's an overall situation."

Sly also weighed in on popular diets, from Atkins to The Zone, saying, "All diets are usually doomed to failure. I try to show you that whatever your diet has been, even if it's poor, there's a way to modify that. If you're into a heavy carbohydrate diet, there's no reason to give up carbohydrates."

Stallone also spilled his own magic weight-loss secret: apple cider vinegar, which he said, "Speeds up the thyroid so you lose weight. It's just an overall miracle."

"Extra" caught up with Sly at a Hollywood book signing, where he also gave us the latest on his plans for a sixth "Rocky" movie. "It's looking very good," he said. "I'll probably hear this week."

Stallone also has "Rambo 4" in the works. "I just finished the 'Rambo' script as we speak today," he revealed.

Meanwhile, Sly's busy life, which includes a new magazine and a vitamin company, is testament to the stay-young secrets in his new book.

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