Is Michael Headed to the Poor House?
June 14, 2005

The Michael Jackson verdict is in -- now come the outrageous rumors. So from his cash to his career, we're teaming up with "Celebrity Justice" to do some Rumor Control.

He's not going to the big house, but could Jackson be headed to the poor house?

Possibly -- according to testimony during his trial, the former King of Pop is $270 million in debt, and most of it is due by the end of the year. To make matters worse, it's estimated his legal bills from this case alone will top $10 million.

And from struggles with money to problems with the press, will Michael Jackson tell his story to the media?

Yes -- we went straight to Michael's dad, Joe, who said that Michael will speak even though he didn't feel like the media treated him well. In fact, there are reports that he plans to reopen his lawsuit against Martin Bashir, whose documentary led to the child molestation charges.

And finally, Hollywood is buzzing about a rumor that Jackson will hit the stage next month for a Live 8 concert. But is it true?

No -- Although one paper reported Jackson was invited to join stars like Will Smith, P. Diddy and Bon Jovi on stage, we spoke to Live 8 management, who said that Jackson won't be performing.

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