Jackson Verdict Has Hollywood Talking
June 14, 2005

The news of Michael Jackson's "not guilty" verdict dominated the red carpets from coast to coast Monday night, and "Extra's" Jon Kelley and Tanika Ray got the celebrities' take on the King of Pop's victory.

"It's crazy," Will Ferrell told us of the trial's captivating effect on the world. "I was watching the coverage with the people; it's amazing how people just follow that with such intensity."

"I think people get confused," said "Bewitched" star David Allen Grier. "With Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, it's celebrity more than color. You go, ŽOh I like him. I used to buy his albums.' It's hard to convict."

"You know, I'm sure it's very hard for a jury to separate themselves from the celebrity," Ferrell agreed.

Alanis Morissette also thought the former King of Pop's status may have had some influence: "I think people in the public eye have access to certainly money and people and lawyers in a way that people not in the public eye may not be able to."

Meanwhile, Jackson's close friends, like the legendary Liz Taylor, are lending their support, saying, "Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time. Now maybe people will leave him alone."

And Donald Trump thinks the singer should get some good, old fashioned revenge. "I think he should go after the mother, that's what I think," Trump suggested.

But despite the serious subject matter, just leave it up to Jay Leno to find humor in it all. "You know something, if he was a black guy, he would have been convicted like that," Leno joked.

And finally, Heather Locklear said she was just happy to put it all in the past. "Let's move on," she insisted. "I'm glad it's over. I'm glad we're at a movie premiere and we can think about the troops and all that."

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