Michael Jackson Walks Free!
June 10, 2005

A somber and scared-looking Michael Jackson, surrounded by his fans, limped into court Monday afternoon to hear his fate.

Jackson celebrated with his family around him as the jury returned "not guilty" decisions for each all ten counts the pop idol was facing. His parents and six of his seven brothers and sisters were there for the reading of the verdict, including Jermaine, Janet, Latoya and Randy.

As the verdict was read, Jackson's fans celebrated outside the courthouse. One woman released a white dove as each of the not guilty counts was read.

After seven agonizing days of deliberation, the jury of eight women and four men set the King of Pop free, acquitting him of all counts of committing lewd acts upon a child, administering alcohol to a minor and conspiracy to commit child abduction.

Jackson appeared shocked as he left the courthouse and got back into his black SUV. He waved to fans, but left without making a statement.

For the most part, Hollywood has stayed quiet during the trial. Cybil Shepherd summed up Tinseltown's position best, telling "Extra," "My job in this world is to cultivate compassion, loving kindness, and to try to understand others."

But now that Jackson has been acquitted, we asked Daisy Fuentes if he could ever become the King of Pop again. "He will have a comeback," Daisy insisted to us. "He is a musical genius. No one will ever take his place in history away."

Jackson's legal nightmare began with the 2003 Martin Bashir documentary, "Living With Michael Jackson." In November of that year, district attorney Tom Sneddon charged the singer with molesting one of the boys featured in the show. Jackson turned himself in and posted bail. In February of this year, the trial began, and Monday, Jackson was completely cleared.

Now, Michael's ordeal is finally over. A jury of his own peers has cleared his name.

We'll have much more about the verdict, including more of Hollwyood's reactions, on Tuesday's "Extra."

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