Lifehouse's Soundtrack of the Summer
June 13, 2005

These days it's almost impossible to keep your eyes off of the chart-topping band Lifehouse. Their self-titled third album debuted on the Billboard Top Ten and their smash single, "You and Me," is rocking from coast to coast. The tune even turned up at Supermanís prom in the finale of "Smallville."

Jason, Rick and Brice took a quick break from their latest tour to bring their hit sounds to the "Extra" stage.

"Every time we get on stage and see people singing our songs back to us, itís just an amazing feeling," Jason admitted.

But Lifehouse has enjoyed that feeling since their first single, "Hanging by a Moment," shot to number one in 2001. And the hit group revealed how theyíve continued to craft their songs ever since. "Basically, I write about my personal life and what happens to me," Jason told us.

Those life experiences even include a constant struggle for people to get their name straight. In Las Vegas, the band was once introduced as "Life Boat." And Jason revealed, "Weíve played Leno five times. He called us ëLighthouseí two out of the five times."

Still, the guys say it's all worth it when they see their screaming fans. So whatís the craziest thing that ever happened with one of their spirited supporters? "He got beat up by a bra, didnít you?" Rick said to Jason.

"Thatís right," Jason confirmed. "I was in Phoenix and all of a sudden, I mean this girl must have had some guns, because she flipped that thing and it popped me right in the eye. My eye swelled up before the song was over. We still have it; it's like the band mascot."

But aside from the mascot, Lifehouse has plenty of support, including from the two famous men who got them started: Jude Cole and Kiefer Sutherland.

"They've been great," Jason told us. "Jude Cole's been managing us. I met him when I was like 15, 16, so he's like a family member to me. He was also an artist, so when he gives advice it comes from experience."

And with three hit albums under their belts, expect Lifehouse to experience a long, successful life.


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