Tom Declares 'War' in Tokyo; Katie Converts
June 13, 2005

He's pumping his fists in Tokyo, and sheís glowing half a world away in London. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may be thousands of miles apart, but the hot Hollywood pair remains close to each otherís hearts.

"Extra" flew to Japan for the world premiere of "War of the Worlds" in Tokyo, where director Steven Spielberg decided to poke a little fun at his leading man. While Tom talked about the film, Spielberg came up behind him and pumped his fists in the air in typical Tom Cruise fashion.

"Did you get that shot?" Cruise laughed to us. "Good!"

Joking aside, Tom is obviously still pumped about his new girlfriend, and his 11-year-old co-star Dakota Fanning gave Katie the thumbs up. "I met her, yes," Fanning told us. "She is so great. They are so happy, and Iím so happy for them."

And although Katie was not at Tomís Tokyo premiere, the couple won't be apart for long. "I get on a plane and fly to Berlin," Cruise revealed. "I meet her in Berlin."

Meanwhile, in London, Katie made a major announcement of her own: according to the Associated Press, the actress said she will convert to Scientology, which is Tomís religion.

"Yes, he's the most amazing man in the whole world," Katie told us.

So while they may be a world apart, Tom and Katie seem to be getting closer every day.



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