The Hotel Madonna? Paris Hilton Pregnant?
June 10, 2005

Another Hollywood day, another batch celebrity rumors, another edition of the truth and nothing but -- we're on Rumor Control.

Queen of pop Madonna is on a promotional tour for her new Kabbalah-inspired kids' book, "Lotsa de Casha," and when the singer purchased a new London home, the British papers speculated she was about to go from the music business to the hotel business. But is it true?

No -- while recent reports have suggested that Madonna intended to use the $2.9 million, five-story Georgian-style house in London as a "Kabbalah hotel," "Extra" has learned that, while the house may be used for members of the religion to stay at when they're in London, it's not a hotel.

And from Madonna to her ex, Sean Penn, it's time to clear up another rumor about an actor changing careers. Penn was an outspoken critic of the U.S. war in Iraq, even making a pre-invasion visit to Saddam Hussein's homeland, but now comes word he's covering Middle East politics -- as a journalist?

Well, it's true -- Penn is working as a guest writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, covering the upcoming elections in Iran. And while he's not quitting Hollywood to become a beat writer, Penn did scribble notes at one rally where voters were urged to vote to, "Make America angry."

And finally, her sudden engagement to Mr. Paris created speculation, but is hotel heiress Paris Hilton actually pregnant?

No -- despite recent pictures, which sparked rumors of a possible Paris pregnancy, we went right to Paris' people, who told us she is not expecting. Paris is still fabulous, just not pregnant.

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