A Gotti Night to Remember
June 10, 2005

Only "Extra" was with John Gotti (and his posse of girlfriends) as the "Growing Up Gotti" star got ready for his senior prom.

Of course, proud mama Victoria was on hand to help her son spiff up -- and even presented him with boxes of bling: Avianne and Co. cufflinks, a tie-tack, and the watch he's been wanting.

"I feel like my son just got married," Victoria admitted. And she was especially happy about John's date, Terry, who they both presented with corsages. "I just lit up because Terry and John used to date a few years ago and they were childhood sweethearts. I always loved Terry."

"She's a very good friend of mine, actually, my girlfriend when we were young," John confirmed. "We're still friends."

"It was a mutual thing. We just kind of wanted to go together," Terry said of their big night.

And John was looking good as the sharp-dressed man stepped out in his off-white Rocawear suit, custom-designed by hip-hop haberdasher Damon Dash.

"I got what I wanted. I'll stand out a little more -- so thank you, Dam," said John.

From the party to the photos to the limousine, it was a picture perfect prom, and a great night for the Gotti gang.

Congratulations John and the classes of '05 across America!
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