The Secrets to Ageless Beauty
June 9, 2005

Ageless southern belle Cheryl Ladd and angelic star Andie MacDowell are spilling their beauty secrets, only to "Extra."

"I know I'm never going to be 25 or 26 year old again, and that's okay with me," Ladd insisted.

The former "Charlie's Angels" star told "Extra" about her five-pound rule, which she said helps keep her fit. "I kind of eat whatever I want within a five-pound range," she explained. "As soon as I hit that number, then I'm really careful."

Cheryl also keeps her great figure by teeing up on the golf course, a topic she's turned into the book, "Token Chick: A Woman's Guide to Golfing with the Boys!"

But we had to take a swing at the plastic surgery question. And Cheryl suggested looking for things that, "You can do without a knife, that isn't going to make you look frozen, but that can, on occasion, give you that little tweak you are looking for."

But where does 47-year-old stunner Andie stand on nips and tucks? "Everyone I know that has gotten plastic surgery, they don't look better, they look different," Andie observed.

For years Andie has been the international face of L'Oreal, and she told "Extra" one of her homegrown hair conditioning secrets: "I use oil. I just put oil in it sometimes and leave it in my hair."

So there you have it, some slick secrets from two ageless beauties.

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