Martha Stewart's Search for Love?
June 9, 2005

The rumors never stop swirling in Hollywood, so "Extra" keeps on working to set the record straight. Here are the latest stories making the rounds and the truth behind each:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were in Mexico City Wednesday, promoting their new super spy thriller, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Here in the States, they've denied rumors of a romance -- but did Angelina answer the marriage question in Mexico?

No -- a reporter asked Angelina in Mexico, "Does [Pitt] have enough qualities, like to marry him?"

But Angelina only laughed at the reporter, a clear "no" in any language. But while she may not have answered that question, the sexy actress sang the praises of her on-screen husband. "He's very down to earth and very funny," she said. "It was a joy to go to work everyday."

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" hits theaters Friday.

And from one smoking hot (possible) couple to another -- is it true that Martha Stewart is looking for a new man?

Yes -- Stewart recently spent a long stretch away from men doing time at Camp Cupcake, but In Touch magazine confirmed that the domestic diva is now ready for love.

So what are her personal stats? Martha is 63, worth $1.1 billion, spends a lot of time at home and can fashion accessorize any electronic monitoring bracelet. So, guys, if that sounds like what gets your motor revvingÖ

Finally, did a New York shutterbug get too close to pregnant Heidi Klum?

Yes -- Heidi's husband, Seal, reportedly went after one photographer. The singer blew up when Heidi, who is five months pregnant, was almost bumped by a photographer as they were leaving a restaurant after lunch. Seal reportedly tried to punch the paparazzo out, but luckily, a friend held him back.

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