Will Ferrell's Nose Job
June 8, 2005

Nicole Kidman may have that perfect twitch as Samantha Stephens in the big-screen version of "Bewitched," but Nicole's hilarious co-star Will Ferrell said it was actually his nose that won him the role of Darrin Stephens.

"I've been told I have the Elizabeth Montgomery nose," Ferrell joked.

But did he manage to get the nose twitch down? "I practiced," Will laughed. "I signed up with a guy, the nose twitch guy. We worked on it for hours and hours. He was like, 'Again, again!'"

The new “Bewitched” has Will playing a vain, washed-up actor trying to salvage his career by taking the role of Darrin Stephens in a modern remake of the original classic ‘60s sitcom.

So could Ferrell relate to his character’s diva-like personality? Apparently so: “That’s me. To a tee. I have to have fresh squeezed orange juice every thirty minutes. I don't even drink it. I just pour it out of the glass, on the ground and have my assistant lick it up!"

Okay, so Will was joking about that one. But he did admit that confidence was an issue when he met his stunning co-star for the first time. "I made a point to be as goofy as possible around her, just to make her laugh," Ferrell told us of Nicole. "I figured people always put her on such a pedestal, and I'm like, 'Hey Nicole, what's up? Guess what? I've got gas!'"

And there are sure to be a lot more laughs when "Bewitched" magically appears in theaters June 24th.

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