"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Hit Hollywood
June 8, 2005

The glamour days of Hollywood are back. Hundreds of screaming fans packed Los Angeles' streets Tuesday night for the premiere of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," where Brad and Angelina arrived like a modern day Bogie and Bacall.

Jolie looked absolutely stunning in a black leather Versace gown, giving the crowd an eyeful, and a newly-blonde Pitt greeted his adoring fans, signing everything in sight. "You've got to," Pitt said of his autograph blitz. "They're waiting in line. That's the deal."

"Even I'm excited," said co-star Adam Brody ("The O.C."). "That's so stupid. I'm like, ŽBrad's here!'"

So what did Angelina have to say about Brad's new hair color? "I think it's great," she insisted. "It's very cool."

But the red-hot screen lovers went to great lengths to avoid being shown together, arriving separately.

"It's nice to feel positive support and fun energy as opposed to the other silliness that's been covering it," Jolie said of the film's publicity. "It's great to get back to what it's about. It's just so wonderful to feel people excited. It would be absolutely nothing without them."

Meanwhile, "Extra" got breaking news on Brad's next job: "We're working together on a hotel project," said Randy Gerber, Cindy Crawford's tycoon husband.

Gerber told "Extra" that Pitt is even helping draw up the plans, and that the star is actually a fantastic architect. "Let him keep promoting me!" joked Brad.

Other stars at Tuesday night's premiere included "Desperate Housewife" Nicolette Sheridan, "Arrested Development's" Jason Bateman and self-confessed Angelina groupie Lindsay Lohan.

"I think she's fantastic," Lohan said of the superstar.

And you can see for yourself when "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" opens this weekend.

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