Details on Crowe's Clash; Keanu Hitched?
June 7, 2005

Rumors are swirling in New York today about Russell Crowe and his recent clash with a concierge. One day after police led the star out of jail in handcuffs for throwing a phone at a hotel employee, "Extra" answers the tough questions.

First off, was the concierge so scared of the actor that he hid until police got to the scene?

Yes -- according to published reports, the hotel employee locked himself in an office and would not come out until police arrived. We spoke with Meg Bartholeme, a neighbor and friend of the worker, who told us, "It's more psychological pain. He's a really kind person."

But Crowe did get some words of encouragement from P. Diddy, who said, "We all have our bad days, whether we are celebrities or not. Celebrities are human beings too, and sometimes we have mishaps. Sometimes we get drunk. We throw phones."

Crowe's people admit the "Cinderella Man" star lost his temper, but insist he threw the phone against the wall, not at the concierge.

If convicted, Crowe faces eight years in prison.

And from Russell Crowe to another leading man, did heartthrob Keanu Reeves tie the knot in a secret ceremony?

No -- a British paper is reporting Reeves married girlfriend Autumn Macintosh last month in Los Angeles, but we spoke to Keanu's people who said the story is completely false. Keanu is still a single man.

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