'Batman' Stars (and Tom) Take LA by Storm
June 7, 2005

As "Batman Begins," the Tom and Katie love train continues to roll. Katie wowed the fans in black at the film's Hollywood premiere, while Tom cruised over to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

"Isn't he handsome," Katie said to our Jon Kelley. "That would be Tom, Tom Cruise. He's my man."

And in the middle of all the Tom and Katie chaos, an actual movie premiere broke out -- and it wasn't just Tom getting the love, as the fans screamed for the arrival of Morgan Freeman.

"You know the seasoned gentlemen are getting the love," Morgan joked. "You know, we're like holdovers."

And co-star and Oscar winner Freeman admitted the new "Batman" blew him away. "We all jumped up and were applauding," he said. "That doesn't happen too often."

But Freeman's reaction came as no surprise to the new Alfred, played by Michael Cain, who said that although Freeman gave the film a standing ovation, "I couldn't. I wanted to, but I was on my own, and I felt silly."

Meanwhile, the caped crusader himself, Christian Bale, insisted that they finally got it right. "A lot of people have been disappointed with the last ŽBatman' movies," he said. "This is not just about special effects and explosions, this has substance to it."

And no premiere is complete without a little present to the leading lady: Converse bat boots, just for Katie.

"For when you're riding the motorcycle with Tom," Jon Kelley suggested.

"Or taking a kickboxing class," Katie added.

"Batman Begins" kicks down theater doors June 15th.

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