Did Angelina Break up Brad and Jen?
June 7, 2005

Brad Pitt is answering the tough questions on a special edition of "Primetime Live," Tuesday night, as Diane Sawyer clears up the rumors about the star's divorce.

Sawyer asks Brad if Angelina Jolie broke up his marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston. "Let's handle this like a game show," Brad responds. "No."

And what about the stories that he wanted babies and Jen didn't? "Ridiculous," Pitt insists. "I don't see my time, certainly my marriage, as any kind of failure. It was an extraordinary time. I know my truth. I respect my truth, and I have no qualms."

So no mid-life crises for Brad just yet? "No, not yet," Brad laughs. "I keep waiting for it to rear its ugly head."

A reflective Pitt even takes Sawyer on a tour of Africa, where the megastar is focusing all of his power on raising hope, money and awareness.

"I remember one boy specifically lying in his crib," Pitt recalls. "I put my hand on his chest and this wave of bliss came over his face and the power in that human touch, it broke my heart."

"You get a feeling for him, it's a time of assessment," Sawyer told us.

But fans are bound to wonder what kind of assessing Brad is doing after they see this month's W magazine. Brad collaborated with photographer Steven Klein and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie to create an eyebrow-raising 60-page spread about a 1963 couple whose marriage is crumbling.

W Creative Director Dennis Freedman said the two-day shoot near Palm Springs, California, was like making a personal film for Pitt. "The original idea was Brad's," Freedman said. "He essentially, I would say, was a co-director. He was exquisitely involved in every detail, to finding the right house, to the selection, even to what he was going to wear. The same with Angelina."

Brad even came home from a shoot in Morocco to choose the pictures. But is he ready to choose a new role away from the cameras?

Sawyer said don't count on it: "There's no sign that he wants to leave that behind, it's just that he wants more."

And you can get more Brad, Tuesday night on "Primetime Live."

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