Nicole Kidman's Family Vow
June 6, 2005

"Bewitched" beauty Nicole Kidman got personal with "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli, talking about everything from Tom and Katie, to the Hollywood bod she envies and the huge role she turned down.

To start with, Nicole revealed how her new big-screen version of the old "Bewitched" TV series was born by chance at a dinner party: "This girlfriend of a girlfriend said to me, "You should really do a remake of ŽBewitched,' and that's how it really stemmed."

So how hard was it for her to master Samantha's nose twitch? "It's not that hard, to be quite honest," Nic admitted. "And you just kind of do it. I think everyone can do it."

Yes, even Jerry managed to pull it off! But the Oscar-winning beauty admitted she twitches for real at just the mention of that romance between ex-husband Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. "I would never discuss it at dinner," she said. "I would never discuss it on TV."

And Nicole confided to "Extra" that she took a vow of silence to shield her and Tom's two kids from the sometimes-painful glare of publicity. "I've always done that," she maintained. "From my divorce and on, I mean my job is to protect my family. However it's made up, that's what I do."

Okay, then -- how about some rumor control. Is it true Nicole's scared of butterflies? "Not anymore," she revealed, admitting she once was, "Because there was a huge butterfly on my door when I came home from school. And it was a huge moth-like thing, and it was revolting."

Next rumor: is it true she'd would rather have J.Lo's body than her own? "Oh yeah!" she laughed, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind Angelina's as well."

Speaking of Angelina, is it true Nicole turned down the part Jolie eventually got opposite Brad Pitt in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith?" It is, "But I think that destiny plays out in those things," Nicole observed. "Certain people are meant for certain things."

And you can bet we're all meant to catch Nicole cast that old black magic, when "Bewitched" opens on June 24th. And you can read more about Nicole in the July issue of Vanity Fair, on sale next Tuesday.

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