Did Crowe Assault A Hotel Worker?
June 6, 2005

Almost like a movie premiere, fans and press came together Monday morning for one of the biggest star sightings in the world: Russell Crowe being led from jail in handcuffs.

The "Cinderella Man" star was arrested on felony charges after a fight with a New York hotel employee. The incident happened around 4 a.m. Monday in a Soho hotel where Crowe was staying. Police say the actor was trying to call his wife in Australia when something set him off, and he allegedly threw the phone at a 28-year-old hotel worker, who ended up in the hospital with lacerations.

We spoke to Crowe's people, who told us Russell was trying to call home, the clerk was rude and no help -- but no, Crowe did not attack him.

"Words were exchanged, and Crowe wound up throwing the phone against the wall," Crowe's rep said. "He regrets that he lost his temper, but at no time did he assault anyone or touch any hotel employee."

New York Post writer Dareh Gregorian, who was in court, said that despite the serious charges, Crowe handled the situation with dignity: "He had his head held high. He wasn't trying to hide his face."

Crowe's new movie "Cinderella Man," in which he plays a boxer, opened strongly at the box office this weekend -- and despite all the drama of Monday morning, Crowe had the presence of mind to appear in court wearing a shirt promoting his new movie.

Crowe is due back in court in September.

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