Michael Jackson's Hospital Rush?
June 3, 2005

Hollywood's got rumors, but have they got truth? Well, "Extra" does, and here it is:

First off, has Michael Jackson been hospitalized? Janet, Latoya and the whole Jackson clan were at the Santa Maria courthouse Friday morning to support Michael as his trial comes to an end. But if the prosecution has its way, the King of Pop will be ruling from a small prison cell instead of his spacious 2,700-acre Neverland Ranch. So did the thought of spending a possible 20 years in prison put so much pressure on the pop star that it sent him back to the hospital?

Yes -- but a spokesman for Jackson said that he wasn't quite "rushed," like the reports have indicated. He was sent for a quick trip due to dehydration.

And from one Michael to another, is Michael Douglas preparing to play the face of greed, Gordon Gekko, yet again in a possible "Wall Street 2?"

Yes -- Douglas told Fortune magazine (whose cover he graced as Gekko back in the ë80s) that he has been talking to director Oliver Stone about ideas for a sequel to the film, which earned him an Oscar for best actor.

Meanwhile, is Paris Hilton's best friend spilling too much about the heiress' wedding plans?

Oops, Yes!! --- "I think this summer," Kimberly Stewart said of Hilton's plans to marry billionaire Paris Latsis. It seems Kim, Hilton's best friend, just couldn't keep the news to herself at the Silver Spoon Buffet.

And finally, on Friday night's "Dateline" with Katie Couric, "Mod Squad" sex symbol Peggy Lipton gets personal with Katie about her sexual history. But did she really bed a Beatle?

Yes -- "I couldn't wait not to be a virginÖit was the Sixties, what can I say?" Lipton admits.

So what was it like on the mattress with McCartney? "It was very bizarre. It was hard to just sit there," Peggy laughs. "Lay there and groove along."

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