Go with the Flow: Boho for Little Dough
June 3, 2005

Take off your tight jeans and get relaxed for summer -- today weíre talking boho chic! And Kelly Killoren Bensimone was out fashion tour guide as we take a look at four fabulous women and learn how to get their chic Bohemian style for bargain prices.

Alicia Keys: Gypsy

Alicia sports a gypsy boho chic look. She adores mixing jewelry, textures and colors.

Said Kelly: "What I love about this is that it's sexy and sheer and easy and breezy."

But it won't break the bank: we got this look -- H&M jeans and blouse -- for about $70

Sienna Miller: Trickster

Sexy Sienna knows that to be boho is to know some tricks. As Kelly showed us, "One trick Sienna Miller knows is about taking your skirt and bringing it up to the bust line and then wrapping a belt around."

And not only does Sienna have her belt around her bust, she has Jude Law's engagement ring around her finger.

The cost for Siennaís signature boho-style ñ less than $150!
H&M skirt: $45
H&M sandals: $6
Urban outfitters belt: $95

Liv Tyler: Flashback

21st century hipster Liv is living the Haight/Ashbury lifestyle of swinging ë60s San Francisco.

"What I love about this look and what I love about Liv is that her tops are always a little bit oversized and very, very simple," Kelly explained.

Livís flower-power look is based on a simply affordable H&M blouse, yours for $25

Joss Stone: Easy

For an easy silhouette, look to this soulful singer and her luxuriously embellished dresses.

Kelly told us theyíre the kinds of dresses, "you can wear anywhere and it just makes you feel very feminine and very romantic, and I love that."

And we loved it enough to splurge, like on a Tracy Feith fantasy dress, which goes for about $700

So whether it's big money or a bargain, with so much to choose from, it's easy to go boho.
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