'Friends' The Movie?
June 2, 2005

From Tom Cruise to Lisa Kudrow and Michael Jackson, "Extra" has the latest on your favorite stars -- it's time for another edition of Rumor Control!

Tom Cruise and "Mission: Impossible 3" are in the hot seat after a New York Times article claimed the movie may be cancelled. So is this mission really becoming impossible?

No -- word is that concern over budget, delays and promotion had Paramount set to pull the plug on the franchise. But "Extra" spoke to reps for the flick Thursday, and they said the movie is in no danger of self-destructing.

Meanwhile, Tom's ex, Nicole Kidman, took a seat on Oprah's couch, and the queen of talk got to the bottom of rumors about the Oscar winner's love life. So is Nicole a frequent dater?

No -- Kidman revealed to Oprah, "No, I don't date, and you know I have to answer things honestly." Catch more personal details from the "Bewitched" beauty, Friday on Oprah.

And from one leading lady to another, Lisa Kudrow is making her "Comeback" to the small screen, but can fans expect a "Friends" movie anytime soon?

No -- Although the "Friends" stars reunited at the premiere of Kudrow's new HBO series, Lisa told us there is no movie in the works.

And finally, as closing arguments in the Michael Jackson trial begin, is the King of Pop being considered a flight risk?

No -- but New York Daily news reporter Michelle Caruso, a courtroom insider, told us authorities are keeping a close eye on Jackson.

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