Get a Sexy Summer Bod in Six Days
June 1, 2005

All of Hollywood is getting bikini ready! From Jessica Simpson's fabulous new figure to Jessica Alba's dangerous curves, the stars are making over their bodies for summer -- and now you can too!

Music video director Alisa Daglio wanted to drop a dress size in a hurry, but she made one thing clear: "I just want to do this weight loss in a healthy way and not starve."

So to help Alisa in her quest to peel off the pounds, we hooked her up with "Extreme Makeover's" diet and fitness guru Michael Thurmond, who just wrote the new book, "6-Day Body Makeover."

First, Michael determined Alisa's body type and took her measurements, noting, "We have forty inches on the hips."

But don't worry Alisa, that won't be there for long! "The arms are going to shrink down and harden up very quickly," Michael predicted. "The thighs are going to shrink down. The rear end is going to shrink down. We're just going to put everything into proportion and make this body beautiful."

Then Michael customized a diet, which consisted of seven small meals a day, including oatmeal, salads with chicken and turkey, fish, baked potatoes and fruit.

"Weight loss is governed by metabolism," Michael explained. "You have to eat to loose weight. You just have to know what foods are right for you."

Then Alisa spent one hour a day on the treadmill and four days a week weight training.

And six days later, Alisa was ready for her big reveal, where we discovered that she lost six pounds, four inches off her waist and four inches from her hips!

"I'm so excited," Alisa exclaimed.

"She dropped weight, changed her shape and added muscularity," Michael added.

Now Alisa has a sizzling hot body for summer -- and you can too! Just check out Michael's book and Web site!

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